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The Celtic House of Poole - Céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes)
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Meet our Ceann Cath/Clan Chief.

As of 30/9/2019 Darren Poole has been selected as our Inaugural Ceann Cath/Clan Chief, Chief of the Name,

Poole of Poole.

Darren Andrew Poole, born April 5th 1979, Wigan, England. Has been elected to take the position of Ceann Cath/Clan Chief of Clan Poole, Chief of the Name, Poole of Poole and of that Ilk, after a successful Ad Hoc Derbfine via ballot, following the guidance of Clans of Ireland, (Finte na hÉireann). Father to Callum James Poole, Jessica Louise Poole and Shannon Marie Poole. Son of Richard Irvin Poole and Margaret Greenall, brother to Irvin Poole, Paul Poole and Step brother to Brian Roscoe. All are direct decendants of the Irish Bloodlines of the Mcguire’s, Mahoney’s, Clunes, Murphy’s and Doyle’s. DNA testing has also discovered genetic links to Scotland, with Darren Poole being elected by the Kin of Clan, steps will now be made to progress a petition to the Lord Lyon, King of Arms to begin what will be a lengthy process to legal recognition within Scotland. As well as this, steps will be undertaken to attain Letters Patent, for our Chief to become an Armiger, (a holder of a Coat of Arms) which he then can bestow the amoral badge to the Clan for use. As of August 1st 2022, Darren acquired the the legal right style and use of the Losrdship of Shevington, becoming Darren Poole, Lord of Shevington. Darren Poole, is an award winning and bestselling fiction author, former actor and stunt man, security professional, a retired professional wrestler, as well as spending some time with the Territorial Army, The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (RMLY) D Sqn. He is now the owner of a pet services business, working with a variety of dog breeds, be it a simple walk or training. Playing a very active part within the study of Clan and family genealogy. A Message from our Ceann Cath/Chief, “I am very humbled and proud that the kin of the clan have chosen myself to bethe representative of Clan Poole. I will do my utmost to promote our Clan and Name to the best of my ability. The clan itself being newly formed by under the advice of Clans of Ireland, (Finte na hÉireann), it will no doubt take some time for us to find our feet, we will most certainly walk before we run, but together we move as one cohesive body. Although the clan is in the name of Poole, the extended kinsmen have voted to bestow this honorific on me, from my cousins the Greenall’s from both the union of my Uncle Peter Greenall and Auntie Marie Prior line. Uncle Gerald Greenall and Auntie Josephine Lawson line, as well as my Auntie Susan Greenall’s line, along with the Poole line itself. We have members in the UK, USA, Australia, Poland to name but a few. The clan is of a hybrid of Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry; a truly celtic mix, for the Irish side, it’s straight forward, you the kinsmen have selected myself as your Chief, and Chief of the Name, but I move forward as your Ceann Cath for the next 10 years, this time is for any possible contenders to the Chiefship to come forward. Then when this time has elapsed I will become without contention Chief of the Name Poole. The Scottish side, well this is more complex, in the time that now follows I’ll take action to petition the Lord Lyon to begin the process of recognition within Scotland. I will stress to you that this won’t be a quickly done process, it will take a lot of time, but I will do what’s instructed to me by the Lord Lyon and his court, to attain his recognition. In closing I wish you well, and thank you all for the faith you’ve placed in me as your Chief.” Darren Poole of Poole Chief, Clan Poole. 30/9/2019 .
(The Seals of Darren Poole) His Lordship Darren Poole, Lord of Shevington Chief of Clan Poole
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