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céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes)
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(et nos unum summus)
Fáilte,                    Welcome to the home of Clan Poole online. Clan Poole was officially founded on the 7th May 2019, after consulting with Finte na hÉireann - Clans of Ireland. It was that date when the Clan was recorded as a member of Clans of Ireland. Please see this Public Notice regarding the Election of the Leader of Clan Poole. We aren’t just of Irish origin we also have English Scottish and Welsh ancestry, although no recognition has been awarded to the Clan from the Lord Lyon King of Arms as of yet, but this will be a aim in progress. Lordship of Shevington. More can be learned about this by Clicking on the Shevington Parish badge, that will take you to a dedicated area for this. What is a Clan? A clan is a group of people united by an actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor. But, you don’t have to bear the name of the Clan to be a member of it, you can pledge loyalty to the Clan and its Chief, thus obtain- ing membership by that route. Clans preceded more centralized forms of community organization and government, and exist in every country. Members may identify with a coat of arms or other symbol to show that they are an independent clan.

~together we are one~
If you’d like to represent Clan Poole using our Tartan, Cheryl Poole at Hebridean is our official Kilt maker. Head over to their website and let them know your needs, but make sure you have permission to use the Tartan first by Emailing us beforehand.
Clan Poole are very proud to be registered members of Clans of Ireland, Council of Scottish Clans & Associations and The Council of Celtic Clans and Chiefs. More can be learned about these organisations by clicking on their images, if their websites are available.  

                                      Clan Poole Tartan

                                      Recent Clan updates

August 1st 2022, News section updated with the Lordship of Shevington. (24th June 2022  new Message from our Chief now live) also you can now listen to The Calling of Clan Poole, a piece of Pipe music commissioned by our Chief and Composed by Keith Knight; either on our Facebook Page or new YouTube Channel. Or you can just click play here… Join the Clan and become a part of our history, make our journey a part of yours, as our motto states et nos unum summus - Together we are one! Clan Membership is £15.00 per year.