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The Celtic House of Poole - Céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes)
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About Clan Poole and our aims

The Celtic House of Poole was officially founded on the 7th of March 2019, with the recognition and assistance of the then Registrar of Clans of Ireland, via ancestral decent; but knowing of our lineage for decades prior, so when it’s stated that we’re a young Clan, in the scale of the Clans before us we are “young”, standing centuries apart, this part of our history is new, we will walk this path together, our history will be written by the deeds we now do. A public notice can be found in our news section here with the result from our Ad Hoc Derbhfine to elect our Inaugural Ceann Cath/Clan Chief. Now while you are here you will find we’re a diverse bunch, whatever your creed, religion, orientation you’ll find that you’re most welcome here with us. Family, Charity and Heritage are our main aims, you put your family first always, then if you’re in a position to aid those less fortunate than ourselves, please do so, and honour your history, where we come from helps us in where we’re going. Clan/House genealogy and DNA projects, we’ll help with family tree research and we urge that members of the Clan (with the Poole surname) run DNA projects to see how diverse us Poole’s are. Folk with the name Poole and variants thereof are by right already a member of the Clan, (non-subscribed) be you choose to be active or not. Be you a Poole, Pool, Pooley, Pooly, Pole, Polle, Pull and other variations of the surname. You don’t need to carry the name Poole to become a member of the Clan, people with a love of Ireland, Scotland and Wales with the History and heritage of those lands all things Celtic, are welcome to become members. And if you’re willing you can even hold office if your part of the world is lacking Clan leadership. Click here if you’d like to enquire about holding a Clan Office. Within Clan Poole our Chief is the custodian of the Lordship of Shevington, enabling him to use the style of Lord of the Manor, or Lord of Shevington, which in feudal times was a form of nobilty, first created in the year 1288, but today the Lordship is more regarded a feudal dignity.

Septs & Affiliated Familes.

The Surnames of Affiliated Families that has have been accepted by our

Clan Chief, as Clan Members, under the banner of our Clan.

Affiliated Familes:- Greenall - Statter - Roscoe - Willson - Baybutt - Kaye - Coverley - Allen - Hill - Lowe - Collins - Preston - Wagner - Johnson - Sheridan. An Affiliated Family/Name, is a head of a Family that has requested or been granted Membership to be brought under the banner of a clan, it’s the Chiefs prerogative to grant or deny a request.

Clans of Ireland Recognition Poole Tartan Certififcate known as House of Poole Tartan.
(Click on Image to see enlarged version) To attain thread count for the Tartan, please direct your enquiry to
Clan Officers Darren Poole - Clan Chief. Personally oversees all UK & Ireland regions. Callum Poole - Clan Membership Officer. Susan Poole - Clan Secretary. Gossi Poole - European Clan Commissioner. To help our Clan grow in your region apply for a Commissionership via email - (Subject Clan Commissioner Application) See below.
Would you like to help your Clan? With our Membership growing, we are looking for Clan Commissioners in Europe and the United States of America as well as other countries. Full support will be given to Clan members willing to take a leadership position. If this role interests you then please email us at Please state a brief background of yourself and thoughts of how you can contribute to the Clan Commissioner role.